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Relaxing Session: Every Tuesday from 13:00 - 15:00 KI in PodHopper's Hood.

This channel plays game music in general and music from Myst and 'Myst Online - Uru Live' in particular. Depending on the event or theme set for the broadcast, other categories are used as well.

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This channel is mostly dedicated to 'Myst Online - Uru Live'. It will broadcast during some of the events in the D'ni cavern. Music while exploring the cavern.

Most music will fall in the category Relaxing, Mystic, Ambient, Celtic, Irish, Chill-out or New Age.

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Within 'Myst Online - Uru Live', you can send me a message or talk directly to me. I usually go by the name PodHopper, but I use a few other names as well, they all end with Hopper.